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Hear how Yolanda Fewell's family found a way to continue to care for her after her mother's passing, she being her primary caregiver. Also, hear from Carletta Adams, Yolanda's sister, who now helps to provide daily care and support for her through Restoring Hope, as a Relief Provider.

Listen to Gary and Christina Oller's journey with Restoring Hope and the two young ladies that are in their care. You'll learn how becoming a Restoring Hope caregiver gives back more than you could even pour into the role.

Learn how John Gueltzau Jr. ended up becoming a Restoring Hope individual and his difficult journey to finally find happiness and a loving home to call his own. Host Home Provider, David Fajen also shares how this experience has opened his eyes and heart.

Listen to Marissa Dilworth as she shares about her new found indepence she's gained with the life skills she's acquired. Also, learn how, Host Home Provider, Sarah Davis's lifes journey and education has helped her to become the loving and proficient caregiver she is today.

Hear Macey Wiseman's story and journey as her age now forces her to transition from Children's Division and the ways Restoring Hope and her loving Host Parents, Lance and Julie Bruton are helping her. You'll also learn how the Bruton's enjoy having Macey in their lives and home, as well as the positive difference she has made to their lives.

Learn how Joey Swank was able to open up and find comfortability with love and patience provided by his Host family, Steve and Dawn Squires. You'll also discover how Restoring Hope was able to provide, long-time nurse, Dawn the ability to work from home and be more available to her family in their time of need.

Hear from Mark and Brenda Raetz in their journey with Miranda Appleby and how she came to live with them. Then learn how with the help of partnering with Restoring Hope, they now have so much more support and a community of like-minded people to lean on.

Listen to Rick and Karen Ryals share about their journey with Restoring Hope and how working hard to make a needed transition for one of their foster kiddos, paid off for their entire family.

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