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About Our Services

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Host Homes

This model of support allows a person with developmental disabilities to integrate into a family environment.

Persons with developmental disabilities will move in with a host home family and will share in the daily activities and responsibilities of the family unit while being support by that particular family in their home.

Excel Day Program

Excel is a place to belong - a place to be who you are. Friends are being made, relationships developed and new experiences happen each day.  It's a safe place to let go, have fun, try new things, and grow into the person we are meant to be.

It's small steps for some and giant leaps for others. But for everyone, the most important part is building meaningful relationships and lifelong friendships. That's what we do.  Restoring Hope provides a place where everyone can Excel.

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P: 417.399.4291 


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Medical ISL

Our Medical ISL provides our medically fragile friends the opportunity to have a quality life outside of a facility type setting. We are able to provide a host home feel with a little extra, to support their medical needs.


Our full-time RN, multiple LPN's, dedicated and compassionate direct care staff provide, 24/7 medical support, hygiene care, feeding, and even bed - turning. Although challenged by their medical needs, these precious kiddos still light up when hearing their favorite song and cuddling on the couch.  These kiddos have given us a refreshing look at why we do what we do!

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