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r3 Conference | r3 SUMMIT

Our purpose is to help our caregivers and team feel more equipped, encouraged, and inspired in restoring hope one relationship at a time. Our events are jam-packed with incredible speakers and community building opportunities.



Springfield r3 SUMMIT


Mar 7th | 10am-2pm

CoxHealth Innovation Room

405 N. Jefferson Ave, Springfield, MO


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r3 Conference Coming
September 7th
at Camp Barnabas.

Our Story

If you've been a caregiver for any amount of time, you know full well that it can take a toll on your body, soul, and mind. Sometimes we find it challenging to take a step back, reflect, and attain what it is we need to restore ourselves. Being a caregiver of those with mental and developmental disabilities poses additional challenges but it also gives back in ways we could never imagine. It makes it all worth it!

The r3 Conference began in 2022 and has since expanded. In addition to our yearly r3 Conference we are now offering r3 SUMMIT's in strategic locations throughout the state of Missouri. Although we're not able to cater to every region, due to driving distance and orchestrating multiple events, it is our hope that more of our caregivers and team are able to attend at least one of our motivating and inspirational events each year.


We know when we work together great things can happen. We encourage all of our caregivers and team to attend as they will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people, learn new skills in caring for individuals, and share resources and hope with each other for the journey ahead!

r3 Conference Gallery

Check out some photos from the previous r3 Conferences!

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Meet our
r3 Conference Leads

Questions about upcoming or previous events may be directed to the contacts below.


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