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Behavioral Tips

Maybe you're new to caregiving, or perhaps you could just use a refresher.


Dig into the training videos provided just for you below, by our Behavioral Team!


Behavior 101

In this video you will learn how building and maintaining healthy relationship are the foundation to success with your client. 

Key Takeaways

  • Remember, you may be the first person to ever offer your client a healthy, appropriate relationship.

  • Try your best to focus on positive behaviors. Overtime and with consistency those negative behaviors will start to diminish or fall away. 

  • A trigger may be something that starts the acceleration into negative events or behaviors with your client. An escalation is the point when an emotional response or physical reaction has occurred and at that point can easily lead to a harmful event. Finding gaps to de-escalate the situation is key to returning to a state of calm. Knowing your consumer and building a relationship with them will help you in preventing moments of crisis.

  • After a significant incident or behavior, to successfully debrief, everyone needs to be in a calm state. Don't just move on. Spend time reflecting on it yourself, with your client and your team. 

Supplemental Behavior Videos

Active Listening

Junk Behavior

Forced Choice vs Ultimatum

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