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How it all Began and the Success of Using a Family Support Model

You may ask yourself, how does an agency become one of the largest in the state of its kind? It starts with relational thinking. It all began in 1990, when Chuck Swift, founder and owner of Restoring Hope, opened an 8-person group home in Rolla, Missouri. As his agency grew, Chuck and his staff began providing Individualized Supported Living (ISL) services in various parts of the state. In 1992, a paradigm shift occurred. Chuck and his team implemented a new model, offering a person with disabilities the ability to move in with a family instead of a shift-staff home. Through the development of this model, individuals had more freedom of choice and more solid relationships within their communities, and individuals were empowered by caregivers and Restoring Hope to achieve even higher goals. Not only that but what Host Home and Relief Home providers have shared about this model is that they get so much more out of it than they put into it. (See our testimonials, here.) Their lives are more enriched, and they can find fulfillment and purpose in their career and life calling while making a competitive wage to support themselves and their families. They now have more freedom and flexibility to go on vacation and take time off and additionally have the support to get through each day with our 24/7 top-notch support team of Program Managers.

What's unique is that within five years of developing and practicing this new model, the agency began to support individuals with behavior disorders, congruently with those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. By placing those individuals with nurturing wholesome families and providing round-the-clock support, behaviors were minimized or eliminated. Individuals in numerous residential settings (due to behavior disorders) were becoming successful community members through the support family model. Support families developed quality relationships with individuals, and the individuals started realizing this was a much better quality of life than being moved from facility to facility.

By 2007, the agency provided support family services to 45 individuals and received referrals from the Department of Mental Health and Children's Division. Chuck began to meet individuals all over the state to determine if he believed they could be successful in a support family model. He developed a personal relationship with each individual and helped them see hope for a successful future.

In 2008, Restoring Hope was founded and has since worked diligently to create a team whose contributions and passion for others have allowed it to become one of Missouri's Largest Host Home agencies. Relationships remain the lifeblood of our agency, and the family support model has been the foundation on which we all thrive. Although this model has mostly stayed the same in its core function, the success and growth of the agency have surpassed any preconceived expectations, while adopting this model. October of this year will mark 15 years of providing this life-changing model to Missouri. We are honored that this agency has made such a lasting and positive impact on the lives of our community members and consider it a privilege to serve as many as we do.

Since 2008, Restoring Hope, LLC has experienced tremendous growth, expanding in clients served, residential homes offered to our clients, adding contracted nurses, and the employment of Program Managers, Business Office personnel, Direct Support Professionals, and more!

Data as of, 8/30/23

Number of Clients

  • Host Home clients: 291

  • Excel Day Program clients: 76

  • Works Employment Service clients: 5

  • Out-of Home | In-Home Respite clients: 6

Number of Host Homes and Relief Homes: 284

Number of Contracted Nurses: 14

Number of Employees: 111

Sensing the weight that much of our state and many of our community members and families were underserved, in nearly a 15-year timespan, we've been able to offer many new and rewarding services. Those being:

Counties Currently Served, and Growing:

As we approach our 15th anniversary, we can't help but reflect on how this fire of passion for serving more people, creating more and better services, building new programs for those being underserved, and developing new initiatives each year hasn't dwindled a bit. George Washington Carver once said, "Where there is no vision, there is no hope." The great news is we thrive today because of our founder's vision for Restoring Hope nearly 15 years ago, and this family support model has given numerous deserving people new hope - individuals, families, and staff alike. We will never stop trying to be better and serve within our communities and state at our most excellent capacity. After all - our motto is restoring hope one relationship at a time.

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