It Changes You...

"So when did I change? I realize now there wasn't one pivotal moment. Instead, it was a million little moments, each important in their own way, that when added together changed me..."


Why We Do 

What We Do

"Anyone that has come to visit has stated that it's a little overwhelming with the medical supplies and treatments needed....These kiddos have given us a refreshing look at why we do what we do."

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Our Paths Lead

Us Home

"I'm 100%  God put me with

Restoring Hope."  Read about an individuals troubled journey, that led her to a loving host home.


Hope Blooming In Adversity

"I love the support we receive, and how clients and staff alike are treated like family!" 

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The Paradigm Shift

In 1992, our founder Chuck Swift decided to try a new model for his ISL services, that would enable a person... to have more freedom of choice, solid relationships and the agency was able to assist them in achieving even higher goals.

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We Belong

We've been to the Capitol to attend the Disability Rights Legislative Day, kicked off our annual Project Hope, made working adjustments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and much more.


Living Their Best Life

"...This job has humbled me, taught me greater patience and understanding. I will say that today, I am a better me since working with Restoring Hope."

We provide so much more than residential services to individuals with disabilities, we provide a home.

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